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Boobies Gang Rings

Boobies Gang Rings

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I know you love your Boobies because they’re amazing. I want to help you show them off in the most empowering way possible. With this new ring; you can represent your body as a survivor, and have a beautiful piece of art at the same time. 

Join The Gang!

The Boobies Gang Rings are available in 3 different designs:

-The Merleiná, one breast removed (unilateral mastectomy)

-The Darine, both breasts removed (bilateral mastectomy)

-The Shawnettá 2 breast full breasts. 


Material Description:

-Yellow Brass

-High Polished



"When my Grandmother first got her mastectomy I remember her saying how she felt so deformed when she looked at her body. I created The Boobies Gang Collection to celebrate her body and her beauty. I hope other women faced with the same circumstances see the beauty in their bodies too."

These rings are handmade here in NYC! Please allow 5-10 business days for the rings to be sized and shipped.


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